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For me, being a Spanish teacher is being a learning companion and a motivator. It is keeping an active listening, transmitting, being a juggler of frustrations, inventor of challenges and activator of creative brains. It is being empathetic, patient and intuitive, but it also means learning, facing challenges, growing, connecting with other cultures, broadening perspectives and endless reasons why I bet every day.

Lucía Méndez

Hi my name is Lucia! 🙋🏻‍♀️ I’m from Seville, a city in the south of Spain.

I have been working as a Spanish teacher for foreigners since 2017 and during all these years I have really enjoyed my work, always putting some creativity in my classes since I also studied Fine Arts and experience has taught me that creating is one of the best ways to to learn.

I am curious and explorer, I like to face new situations and take out my most creative part to adapt to the unknown.
I love languages, it’s not only my profession, I also learn for pleasure in my spare time. I speak Spanish, English, Italian and I am currently studying French.

My dream is to live traveling and create connections with other cultures. I currently live in my hometown but have lived in Italy and Australia. For almost two years I have been totally focused on my professional project and I would love for you to meet him.

If I can describe what this room I have created is like, I would say that it is warm, original, a place where beautiful and trusting bonds are created, where you learn while enjoying. It is a space where I give my best so that my language and my culture reach other places.

If you want to go in, go in, the door is open.

Profesora de español

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MASIC Method

As a Spanish teacher, I base the teaching of this language on creativity, to make practicing Spanish much more efficient and fun.



Motivation is essential for our learning because it leads us to seek the resources to guarantee our objectives. Being motivated influences our learning more than our IQ. Self-motivation is essential to not give up.



Autonomous learning teaches you to know what your learning process is and gives you advantages such as improving study strategies to be more productive, promoting self-discipline, working on creativity and improving self-esteem.



To make it easier to stay motivated and have self-discipline, having the help of a tutor is important. Monitoring guides and enriches learning, making the process more effective.



Learning is both intrapersonal and interpersonal, so it needs to be put into context and processed in an interactive system.



Creativity is an aptitude that we all have to develop since it helps us build and rebuild ourselves, prepares us for change and saves us from dissatisfaction and boredom.

Learning a language is not a short trip and introducing creativity into the process is nothing more than preparing your brain to develop the flexibility of thought, originality of ideas and fluency of expression that you will need to handle all the new concepts that you will find in this path.

my story
Launch of La Habitación Creativa

This year has been the launch of this great project on social networks and we have published the website.

My intention is to reach more people who want to learn in an alternative way and 2022 is full of news.

At the moment we continue with the individual classes and we have started the second edition of the Women’s Circle. Don’t miss out on upcoming releases!


Spanish teacher

This year I returned to Spain and the pandemic prompted me to shape my ideas.

I was still working at the Spanish school where I had always worked and at the same time I dedicated my free time to creating my own Spanish courses and creativity.

From then until now I work with activities where students have to use their ingenuity.

This year I launched the creative adult course (both online and face-to-face) and the first edition of the women’s circle in Spanish. We also recorded the Es Emergent podcasts (a previous project) in collaboration with the Green Trumpet.


Spanish teacher

This year I worked for the first time for myself. I went to Australia and there I learned English.

While studying I started my own business teaching online and face-to-face classes to Australians and New Zealanders. At this time I discovered the wonders of the online world and learned a lot about how to teach remotely. At this moment my professional dreams began to be built and the idea of merging the teaching of Spanish and the arts appeared, hence the idea of introducing creative activities in my classes, but it was still just a dream.

Degree in Fine Arts

This was the year in which I finished my artistic studies, but I had not yet thought about uniting these two disciplines, that came later.

In 2018 I dedicated myself to teaching Spanish at school and painted on my own but I did not dedicate myself to art professionally.


Teachers of Spanish as a foreign language

This is where my path began. This year I finished my training as a teacher and began to dedicate myself to this profession, which since then has taught me a lot.

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