What is La Habitación creativa?

Learning Spanish for foreigners

My teaching system is based on the MASIC method. This discipline focuses learning on creativity so that you learn and practice this language in an enjoyable way while having a good time. 

My artistic knowledge and my experience as a Spanish teacher have helped me to create this method where creation and interaction make learning surprising.



Motivation is fundamental to enhance learning. It can even be more important than our IQ. Self-motivation is essential in order not to give up. Remember to ask yourself often: why do I study Spanish?


With autonomous learning you discover the best formula for you and the rhythms of your processes. Autonomy fosters discipline, works on creativity, improves self-esteem and favours productivity.


To make being motivated and self-disciplined easier, having the help of a tutor is important. Monitoring guides and enriches learning, making the process more effective.


Learning is both intrapersonal and interpersonal and therefore needs to be put into context in an interactive system. When we share knowledge in our groups, it is enriched, expanded and consolidated.


Creativity is an aptitude we should work on as it helps to build and rebuild ourselves. It prepares us for change and saves us from dissatisfaction and boredom. Learning a language is not a short journey and introducing creativity into the process prepares your brain to develop the flexibility of thought, originality of ideas and fluency of expression you will need to handle all the new concepts you will encounter along the way.


Who is behind La Habitación Creativa?

I invite you to get to know me a little better and see my career as a Spanish teacher. What is my trick? Doing creative activities to break the routine and create a comfortable and friendly atmosphere.

Online Spanish courses

La Habitación Creativa is more than a place to learn Spanish, it is the ideal place to surprise yourself. Here you will discover a space of accompaniment, support, creation and fun where we will share stories, ideas and knowledge. Come in and learn Spanish, the door is open.

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What will you find in La Habitación Creativa?

From the mixture of my artistic knowledge and experience in the world of teaching, comes this room where you can learn Spanish. I have built a space of accompaniment, support, creation and fun where we will share stories, ideas and knowledge. A natural and innovative environment that gives you the opportunity to create connections with the Hispanic world. Would you like to come?

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