Women’s Group Intermediate Level

Notre méthodologie d’enseignement de l’espagnol est basée sur la méthode MASIC, c’est pourquoi nous appelons nos cours MASIC. Cette méthodologie fonde l’apprentissage de cette langue sur la créativité, mettant en avant d’autres aspects tels que: la motivation, l’autonomie, le suivi et l’interaction.

Improve your Spanish by having fun in groups

Joining the women’s circle means belonging to a community where learning is sharing and experiencing the magic of cultural connections.

If you want to put your Spanish into practice, this circle is the best option to see a real improvement in your fluency.

It is a yearly continuity group but we take breaks every three months to process everything you have learnt. Here you will learn Spanish and much more.

How does the Women's Group work?
Preliminary materials

Before each session I send a document by email with the topic, vocabulary and activities that we are going to discuss in the week's meeting.

Fun guaranteed

During the session we do activities related to that topic, these are very different but they will always be activities to practice oral interaction.

Develop your best attitudes

Some topics will be chosen by the teacher and others by the students. We will talk about tastes, solve riddles, invent stories, create images and work with different resources such as music, photography, drawing, etc.

What are our objectives?

Use Spanish as a tool for:


And all this will bring you closer to your purpose or goal, so ask yourself often: why do I study Spanish? This will help you stay connected to your dream.  

We meet on two Wednesdays each month and our sessions are 90 minutes long.

The groups are small, with a maximum of 6 people.

You can check the calendar of upcoming sessions here.

Avez-vous des questions?

Si vous avez des questions ou des suggestions sur La Habitación Creativa, n'hésitez pas à me contacter. Je vous répondrai dans les plus brefs délais et je me ferai un plaisir de vous aider.
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  • Start date Consultation calendar
  • Duration of the course 3 months
  • Session days Wednesday
  • Schedule 19:00 a 20.30
  • Level of Spanish A2 - B1
  • Minimum age 18 years
  • Maximum number of students 6