Spanish course B1

Notre méthodologie d’enseignement de l’espagnol est basée sur la méthode MASIC, c’est pourquoi nous appelons nos cours MASIC. Cette méthodologie fonde l’apprentissage de cette langue sur la créativité, mettant en avant d’autres aspects tels que: la motivation, l’autonomie, le suivi et l’interaction.

Choose an adventure in Spanish, choose Spanish B1 course

Choosing this MASIC course means starting an adventure in Spanish.

Our teaching methodology is based on this method to focus learning on creativity and make practising Spanish fun.

If you want to learn Spanish and put it into practice, this course is the best option to see a real improvement in your fluency.

It is a month of immersion where you will learn Spanish and much more.

What will you find in this course?
A first part of AUTONOMOUS learning

You will have a downloadable PDF with activities. In the autonomy part you begin to familiarize yourself with the topic that we are going to deal with during the week by doing exercises on your own. These activities are adapted to the B1 level and you have the flexibility to organize your time to do them but ATTENTION! do not relax too much because later we will have a session you and me where I will put you testing.

A second FOLLOW-UP session

In the FOLLOW-UP where we will have the individual online class, we will correct the activities. We will also have time to answer your questions and delve into the topic of the week. Here you will begin to put into practice what you have learned on your own and it will be a class to warm up engines and prepare for the group class.

Third part in GROUP

In this immersion we also have time for INTERACTION with other classmates from the MASIC course. At the end of the week, we'll see each other for a 2-hour online meeting to put into practice and share everything you've learned during the week. It's time to face a real or surreal situation 😉, where you have to communicate with other people in Spanish and share your creativity. In some of our sessions we will have Spanish guests, are you prepared for their speed and accents?

The weekly interaction sessions with other students will be a maximum of 6 people. 

How will this adventure help you?

This course will help you to:

And all this will bring you closer to your purpose or goal, so during the process don’t forget to ask yourself often: why am I studying Spanish? This will help you stay connected to your dream.  

1st week: Dreams

- Objective: talk about past events.
- Final task:
- Grammatical content: past tense contrast.

Avez-vous des questions?

Si vous avez des questions ou des suggestions sur La Habitación Creativa, n'hésitez pas à me contacter. Je vous répondrai dans les plus brefs délais et je me ferai un plaisir de vous aider.
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  • Course duration 4 weeks
  • Level of Spanish B1
  • Minimum age 18
  • Lessons per week 2 Lessons
  • Individual session Monday to Wednesday (choose)
  • Group session Thursday
  • Maximum number of people in class 6 (in the GROUP session)